Monday, March 15, 2010

"el descanso y los sueños"

February 16th:

Can I live my life as if everyday were a holiday? I suppose not. Don't ruin the moment, though.
I find myself building buildings of unrealistic dreams to lose myself in. Now, I'm lost. Oh, so lost.
But, realistically, I am not.
'Drive away and leave me as I leave you'
'I don't know how to say goodbye'
'Don't try'
[Cue the cheesy, but romantic music]
So, up to now I've been an existential crisis contained within a human shell. A bit sad, but quite beautiful in a somber manner.
What I seem to forget, I'll never remember. So, if I've forgotten you, will I neglect to remember you?
There is nothing more to say, but the same repetitions that I've repeated before.
I love you, I loathe you, I love you? Of the past, that much I know.

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