Saturday, March 20, 2010

"¿diré que ahora comienza el dolor y la pena?"


He sits down and begins to write about circumstances or events that may or may not happen. He begins by writing:
"He stares out at the river with her running through his thought process(es), further complicating, such arbitrary complexity. He thinks about how far he has come and whether it is worth it to gamble such delicate things on a stranger.
He stares at the water, hoping to see something more than his reflection. There is nothing there, but himself. Well, he thinks 'at the very least if I were to get hurt I can find solace in the fact that the tides will perpetually change between high and low, waves will continue crashing and the days will forever turn into nights.'
All of that meaning, that if something bad were to happen, time will push him to move on."
After writing that passage he realizes what a load of shit he has fed himself. Also, that writing is not one of his particular strengths. He put the pen down, but still thought of her.

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